Simple Steps for Better Self Care

Simple Steps for Better Self Care

By Ruth Furman

Everyone talks about self-care, but what does it actually mean? And how does one successfully integrate self-care?

I struggle with consistency in self-care.  I tend to put myself last and overcommit my time. 

I decided to really focus on self-care last year and learned about radical self-care through a podcast started by Sheri Salata and Nancy Hala, “The Sheri + Nancy Show.”

Their “pillar life” approach inspires me. 

I have developed my own self-care practices that work for me and add joy to my life and my work. 

Ruth Furman

Here are some tips on self-care that work for me. 

  1. Add structure to how you start your day. It sounds really basic, but if I get really busy and I’m home I could sit in my workout clothes all day. For me, I am happier if I shower, use a little scented lotion, wash and blow dry my hair and get dressed in real clothes with earrings. I feel when I do that I am more confident and more joyful. I’m also more productive. 
  1. Move daily. For me, even if I don’t do a full workout I like to integrate some type of movement into my day. It could be a short break or a walk. Mindful movement for me is a form of self-care and brings me joy. I’ve also been known to stand up when I’m on phone calls. 
  1. Be kind  and patient with yourself. I often get frustrated when I veer from a goal.  Radical self-care for me is all about loving myself in the moment and giving myself permission to start over when I falter. I also have learned to be more realistic with goals. 
  1. Embrace technology, especially when it’s helpful. I’m all about productivity apps. And my favorite gift this year was The Tile App Bluetooth tracker, which helps me locate lost items. I always used to lose my keys. It happens. 
  1. Be deliberate with your time and how you choose to spend it. Pause before you say yes impulsively. Leaving a little margin in my day almost always leads to great surprises.

Ruth Furman is a Las Vegas resident who works in the marketing and communications field.