Key to love, happiness and success is to be kind

Key to love, happiness and success is to be kind

By Stacy Kopchinski

The three keys to love, happiness, and success: Is that not what we are always searching and longing for? Well, I read, today, that the keys to these are be kind, be kind and be kind. Yep, you read that right, the three keys are to simply BE KIND! When trying to live an open, loving Spiritualist life it means a lot of self-reflection and work. But sometimes, I find myself asking how? How do I become better? How do I practice and live this lifestyle? So, how do we practice this exercise of kindness?

One, we must be kind to others we like, love and admire. Well, that is easy isn’t it! When we have friends, family members, co-workers, people similar to us, or people we deem “needier then us” it is easy to be kind. If someone smiles, we smile. If someone does something for us, we are kind to them. If we see someone that we think needs our help we rush to help them and be kind to them. I think we all practice this kindness, easy. It is most of the time an extremely easy reaction to have. I believe that we may even be programmed to be this way. We have trained ourselves to be kind to those who are kind. Not much needs to be done for us to be this type of kind, but what about the next to types of kindness?

How are you at being kind to someone that doesn’t agree with you, maybe even is the complete opposite of you? Can you be kind to someone that hurt you? Let me first make clear that I do not mean be a doormat to abuse, negative behavior and slander, but how do you promote kindness is a sticky situation? We need to constantly be aware of our behavior toward those we do not agree with. It means taking the higher road. Be kind to those who cannot be kind. Maybe they are having a day, a week or a year but we do not have to react the way they do. Elevating your awareness and kindness allows you a different perspective and also allows you to practice the Golden Rule. Treat others as you would want to be treated. In short, practice kindness. Sometime, a simple gesture of not reacting is a step in kindness. Letting a person have their own opinion and acknowledging their opinion does not make them right and it does not make them wrong, it makes them have an opinion. Isn’t that what we all want: A chance to be heard and allowed our own opinion? Allowing someone the right to their opinion is practicing kindness.

Now, the most difficult type of kindness we all face is to be is be kind to yourself. When you can try to be kind to yourself, your happiness and love level rise. Do you want more happiness and love? Well, then what is stopping you from being kind to yourself? Have you ever been kind to a friend who made a mistake and you make the same mistake but are continuously beating yourself up inside? Practicing self-kindness is the first step to self-love. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and our job is to live this human experience with all its ups and downs. Being kind to others, check. Being kind to those not so kinds, OK. Being kind to one self a MUST! Start every day with allowing one kind comment about
yourself. As the day goes by allow yourself to be kind to your achievements, but also your not-so-much achievements because trying anything is success of a new adventure. Allow yourself to be kind to your
“imperfections.” I will end this thought, this spiritual practice, with a quote I found on the great Internet of Imperfection: “There is no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections.”

BE KIND, BE KIND, and most importantly BE KIND TO YOURSELF!

Stacy Kopchinski is a Spiritualist minister, National Spiritualist Teacher, and most importantly a spiritual being having a human experience!

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