PET TRIBUTE: Bear Thomas

PET TRIBUTE: Bear Thomas

12/20/2010 — 6/11/2019

By Lori Thomas

How do you say goodbye to your friend, protector and constant companion? I don’t think we ever will. For now, we will just say farewell, until we meet again. Our lives have been richer, happier and certainly more blessed because we shared them with Bear. An American Kennel Club-registered golden retriever, his registered name was “Oso de Oro” (Golden Bear).

He joined our family in April of 2011, and stole our hearts. A little bit unruly at times, chewing shoes and pulling at pant legs, it didn’t take long for him to learn the ‘rules of the roof.” With a little discipline and a LOT of love, Bear quickly became the kindest and gentlest dog we have ever known. His constant need for attention let us know that he loved us unconditionally. He laughed when we laughed and always comforted us when we cried. Never have I had a dog that was so in tune with our emotions. He truly wore his heart on his paw.

Bear loved the park.

Bear loved the park, and loved to play with his friends: Peanut Butter, Rosie, Taz and, of course, his adopted brother, Bodie. Bear, your half-brother, Bodie, misses you so much. He cries, whines and still looks for you outside. His heart hurts, too. Bear, we miss you immensely! Our hearts have a huge hole, a hole that will never be filled by another pet. We love you Bear. Godspeed my fluff-nugget friend. accepts pet tributes. They are free until Dec. 30, 2020. Send your pet obit to Include your name and contact number. The obit should include the name of the pet, the birth and death date and a message. Click here to view our Pet products. They support our website, please consider them when making purchases.

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