Go meditate yourself

Go meditate yourself

By Lyn Collier

Meditation: It’s a real thing. And for some people, like me, it’s a necessary thing. If I don’t get at least 20 minutes of meditation a week, it’s not good for me or others around me. It’s the best way I have found to ground myself. I function better when I clean out my head. I used to think meditation wasn’t a real thing. That cleaning out your head was what sleep was for. But I have learned that there are all kinds of meditations and all kinds of ways to meditate. Not everyone sits in a dark room watching a candle flicker. Not that there’s anything wrong with staring at a candle’s flame in the dark. Beats binge-watching Netflix, which I do not consider meditation. I find that to be more stuffing emotions and feelings. Like eating pizza, ice cream, sugar — any candy in the house — etc. No, meditation for me is more like the green salad of mental food. And you can feel the difference, mentally and physically.

I have several ways that I have learned to meditate. I’m sure I will learn more from others.


This is more like affirmations. I need to feed myself positive thoughts everyday. If I don’t I become a Debbie Downer, that sees disaster in everything.

So when I wake up I do a few minutes of stretches and focus on my breathing. Three deep cleansing breaths and a quick affirmation: “I am free and strong, today;” or “everything will flow in the divine light of love, today.”

And, before I go to bed at night I stretch a little. Sometimes, it’s just touching my toes. Again, I take three deep breaths. And focus on a mantra: “I release all negativity and worry of the day,” or “I release all fear, pain and anger.”

Right before I go to sleep I try to remember to pray for and bless everyone I might have had negative exchanges with that day.  I’m not sure if this qualifies for meditation but it gets me out of my head; and, it has been really helpful in keeping me in the positive.


I try to go to my church, Spiritual Desert Church, at least once a week. The Sunday and Thursday services include healing and meditation. It’s like meditating with a larger group of people, who are focused on healing energy. I automatically go to a relaxed and receptive place, and this helps me to be grounded and become more focused in my daily affairs throughout the week.  

At church, we used to have a 21-minute meditation once a week with some light music. If I didn’t make this on a regular basis I could not get through the 21 minutes. It was like FOREVER. But if I did it for more than a month, the time would fly by and I would not realize it had been that long. Perhaps, we can start this event again, soon.


When I first started out I needed some guided meditations. I discovered Aleya Dao, a California “sound healer,” a few years ago. I really don’t know what this means. But I do know when she makes this “toning” sounds It makes me imagine that dolphins are praying. It is a very odd sensation. But her guided meditations help me focus. You can find her on YouTube for free meditations at https://www.youtube.com/user/aleyadao11 or other options at www.aleyadao.com.

There are tons of guided meditations and meditation sound tapes and downloads out there. Go explore some on Youtube. Two of my favorites are: Shamanic Astral Projection, Healing Music at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ST56ATKfgfs and Positive Meditation at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLGZv6T0S60&t=696s.


I don’t move a lot, but sometimes my friend gets me walking in the mornings. She listens to Hindi hymes. I find it meditative to walk with her while listening to the hymns and having her translate them for me. Also, I find some forms of yoga and qi gong very meditative and would like to explore them further.

If you would like to share with HolisticVegas.com the different ways you meditate, send your story to Lyn@holisticvegas.com.