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By Susan Kocab

Susan Kocab, here, with FITZONE to give you a startup tutorial on how to do a kettlebell swing.  If you are a beginner, the swing can be rather awkward. So here are some tools and tips to get you started so you can progress to a full kettlebell swing. 

  1. The first thing to learn is the hip hinge. As opposed to the squat where you send your hips down.  The hinge sends your hips back.  To get there properly, just karate chop your hands at the hips to push your hips back while maintaining a lifted chest, active core and aligned spine. 
  2. From the hip hinge we have kettlebell taps. Set the kettlebell between your feet send your hips back into space and and tap the kettlebell.  This encourages the hip hinge rather than a squat movement pattern.
  3. Next, is the kettlebell deadlift. Hinging at the hips as if you were going down for a kettlebell tap you’ll grasp the kettlebell, lift the chest, push through the feet as you pull your hips forward into space squeeze your glutes at the top of the movement. 
  4. Hike backs, here you’ll want to place the kettlebell in front of you. Hinge at the hips, grab the kettlebell and hike it between your legs for a pendulum effect while engaging your lats and maintaining that solid foundation found in that deadlift position.  
  5. Now, we can get to a one rep swing. Chopping at the hips, hiking the kettlebell back, engage the lats, send the hips forward into space and swing the kettlebell about hip height. Hike it back again, place and stand up. 

Former professional boxer, Susan Kocab, brings us FIT FRIDAYS each week. Her gym is on the west side of town at 7135 W. Ann Road, Suite 140. Call her at 702-850-8822 or email Visit her website, FitZone Labs to find classes and products to help you stay strong and healthy.

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