Create a vision board and see the big picture

Create a vision board and see the big picture

By Elizabeth Mathisen

Since the release of the movie, “The Secret” in 2006, vision boards have gained tremendous popularity. I made my first vision board over 20 years ago while I was a senior in high school. I was about to embark on an incredible journey, leaving behind childhood and stepping into my adult life. I had no idea at the time I was involved in the practice of manifestation. I cut out images of the clothes I wanted to wear, the car I hoped to drive and the home I wished to own. The process, although simple, was a very powerful act. It allowed me time to focus on my deepest desires in a fun and playful way.  I was able to create a clear vision of what I truly wanted to manifest in my life. Before the creation of my vision board, I had not given my dreams the chance to live and breathe. By moving my dreams from my heart and onto my board, it gave me the opportunity to move forward with laser focus. 

Growing up we are taught to be realistic, think practically and in some cases to even lower expectations. This activity gave me permission to dream big, not to think with my rational mind but with my heart. My vision board helped me to create a road map to my best life. A life where I was not just a participant but a co-creator. This exercise allowed me a chance to stretch my imagination and expand my vision of what is possible. In order to live a grand life we need to have a bigger picture of what is truly possible. Since my first vision board I have created many more. I am always astonished when I pull one out and see how many aspects of my vision I was able to bring into fruition. I have learned through this process that when we give the universe clear and concise instructions it is able to assist us in align with our deepest desires. Clarity and focus are two critical aspects to what makes vision board so effective. Once we are clear on what we want to achieve in life the doing becomes effortless.

Are you unclear about what you want? Has life become stagnant? Are you having trouble sticking to you goals? If so, creating a vision board is imperative. This unique task will not only open you up to your true desires but it will give you the clarity and motivation to create life on your terms.

Elizabeth Mathisen is a spiritual teacher in Las Vegas.